Publishing scholarship that cannot fit in print is complicated, expensive, and difficult to legitimize. The Digits Project attempts to bridge this gap between print and digital scholarship using software containerization, a popular approach to reducing the costs and complexity associated with system administration.

The Digits platform will allow journals, libraries, and publishers to receive, distribute, maintain, and preserve digital scholarly objects nearly as easily as they can with PDF or TeX files. Our platform will reduce the barriers to scholarship in as expressive a digital form as its creators can imagine. Such work is currently undertaken at great risk and personal expense, without a clear path towards peer review, project hosting, or long-term preservation.

In its first stage, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Digits Project will conduct an environmental scan of the use of software containers in research and publication, as well as a fact-finding mission on the infrastructural needs of scholars who are currently producing non-standard digital research. These activities will be punctuated by two meetings of the Digits Project advisory board, which will result in open access reports on our research activities, as well as plans on how best to develop a functional, financially sustainable platform for digital scholarship.

Who We Are

The Ops Team

  • Matt Burton, University of Pittsburgh
  • Dan Evans, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Matthew Lavin, University of Pittsburgh
  • Jessica Otis, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Scott Weingart, Carnegie Mellon University

Advisory Board

  • Dan Cohen, Digital Public Library of America
  • Martin Paul Eve, Open Library of the Humanities & Birkbeck University of London
  • Alison Langmead, University of Pittsburgh
  • Sharon Leon, George Mason University
  • Andrew Odewahn, O‚ÄôReilly Media
  • Ed Summers, University of Maryland
  • Whitney Trettien, University of Pennsylvania
  • Amanda Visconti, University of Virginia
  • Keith Webster, Carnegie Mellon University
  • David Newbury, J. Paul Getty Trust
  • David Wilkinson, University of Pittsburgh
  • Mary Shaw, Carnegie Mellon University